Lisa Benoit  * Partlow, VA

(401) 639-2610
Welcome to K9 Underground!    

K9 Underground is an exciting Earthdog training company!  In a simulated hunting environment, we incorporate your dog's hunt drive and keen sense of smell to teach the dog how to transverse a maze of above ground tunnels to reach the quarry. Dogs most suited to earth work are: Dachshunds, Jack Russell Terriers, Border Terriers, and other small terrier breeds. That is not to say your squirrel-hunting, chipmunk-chasing canine would not make a great earth dog!

Commonly called Go To Ground, the event was originally designed to simulate real hunting and to test a terrier's ability to work and hunt quarry underground. As field hunting is not everyone's cup of tea, tunnel work is the next best thing. Although it really is more or less a game for the dogs, go to ground is a good training step toward the day your dog may do real earthwork. It stimulates the natural instinct to do what they were bred for - to hunt!

Traditional hunting quarry include fox, raccoon, groundhog, badger and opossum. For go-to-ground training, we use our own homegrown rats as quarry. Our rats have trained a lot of dogs, are comfortable with crazy barking, and are always housed in a safe, wire cage.

Let your dog burn off some excess energy, meet some new "hunting" friends and learn a game that is bold and exciting!


I am available for private lessons and off-site clinics. Please contact me for details...
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